the artisan way

a closer look at our approach


An artisan product isn’t simply made. It’s crafted – in small batches, with the greatest care, by someone with both the training and experience to rightly claim the title “master craftsman.”

And that’s our philosophy of therapy as well. It should be small and personal. It ought to be approached with love and care. And every therapist should have not only the training required of the title “licensed counselor” or “psychologist,” but also the heart experience to rightly be called “mature” and “trustworthy.”

We’re not here to simply give you answers. We are here because the path is long, and sometimes steep – but its rewards are rich. We’ve traveled it ourselves, and if you’re willing we can walk with you a while. Not every step is easy. But the path leads onward – and, we believe, upward. This is the artisan way.

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