What a therapy session is like

What’s therapy like?

Not into surprises? Here’s what it’s like to see a therapist for the first time at Artisan Clinical Associates.

Make the appointment. (10 minutes)
Fill out this form, or call Artisan at (630) 923-6830 and one of our therapists will personally respond to you within one business day. We’ll ask a few questions about what you need help with, just to make sure we’re a good fit for you. If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO insurance, we’ll verify your benefits – if not, we’ll explain our fee structure to you. Then we’ll set up a time to meet when you have good weekly availability.

Arrive and check in. (15 minutes)
Come a few minutes early to your first appointment; we’ll have some intake paperwork for you to complete in our cozy waiting room. The paperwork is like going to the doctor or dentist but, at Artisan, we’ve crafted every detail so you’ll begin to feel at home from the moment you walk through our door. At your appointment time, your therapist will meet you in person in the waiting room.

First appointment. (50 minutes)
It’s as simple as two people having a conversation. Your therapist’s office has a couch and a chair. We’ve got coffee and water if you want it. Our first question at your first appointment will be something like, “What brings you in?”

By the end of your first meeting, you’ll wonder where the time went. Don’t expect to share your life story at your first appointment. We just want to understand what you’re experiencing right now. And we want to give you a clear sense of how things will get better.

At the end of your first session we’ll be clear about expectations for the following week and will answer any questions you might have.

Weekly sessions. (one hour a week)
Therapy is a path, and it takes time to walk it. Our first few weeks, we’ll focus on hearing your story and getting to know you. In time, we’ll start to talk honestly with you about what might be going on and how things can improve.

Artisan therapists think about our clients throughout the week, so each time we meet we’ll come with additional questions for you or insights to share. But if there’s something new you want to talk about this week, it’s always your prerogative to set the agenda for our time together.

Some weeks you’ll show up in crisis, with tons to talk about. We’re used to that! But other weeks you’ll show up without anything much to say. And these sessions are often the most productive – because when the crisis is over, real growth can begin.

Reducing sessions.
Some critics joke that therapy goes on forever – and some therapists seem to agree! At Artisan, our goal is to give you the type and length of treatment you need. No more, no less.

If you find you’re consistently showing up without much to discuss, it may be time to reduce the frequency of your sessions or to end therapy altogether. Often, this timing is sensed mutually by therapist and client. But if you decide you’d like to return in the future our door will always be open!

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