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Dear Self

Dear [True] Self, I owe you an apology. Last week, I got very angry with you when I got the news of our dear friend’s accomplishment. You were full of joy for them, but I was full of jealousy. I saw them accomplish the same goal I’d set for... read more

A Shrink Analyzes His Own Nightmare

I haven’t had a recurring nightmare since childhood. Until recently. It begins with me standing in our kitchen, looking out upon our front yard. Then, suddenly, a large black-and-white conversion van comes barreling recklessly up our driveway toward the house. It narrowly misses the kitchen and passes out of... read more

The Artisan Way

We’re not here to simply give you answers. We are here because the path is long, and sometimes steep – but its rewards are rich. We’ve traveled it ourselves, and if you’re willing we can walk with you a while. Not every step is easy. But the path leads onward – and, we believe, upward. This is the artisan way.