Your care is our craft.

Artisan Clinical Associates is an intentionally small group of counselors and psychologists in Naperville, Illinois. Therapy is a journey, and our therapists do not just talk the talk, we have also walked the path ourselves. So we know embarking on the journey can be hard, especially the uncertain time between asking for help and actually getting it. Waiting for a response can feel stressful. Talking to administrators can feel impersonal. At Artisan, you’ll hear back from a therapist first, within one business day of your call or email. The journey is worth the walking, and you needn’t walk alone.

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walking with you

Our clients are ordinary people living in the western suburbs of Chicago. We work with adults, and their children and adolescents. Our clients might be experiencing depression or a lack of direction. They may be burdened by feelings of stress or anxiety. They may be out of ideas about how to improve their relationships. Or they may simply be tired of wearing a face every day that doesn’t reflect how they truly feel. If you’re looking for a safe place to be honest about where you are and where you want to go, an Artisan therapist would love to meet with you. In the meantime, you can read more about two of the most common reasons people come to Artisan.

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It may also be helpful to get a better feel for the whole journey. So, we’ve summarized what you can expect, from your first contact with us through the successful conclusion of therapy. Find out more about scheduling your first appointment, what your first session will involve, how frequently you’ll meet with your therapist, and how therapy changes as you make progress.

what therapy looks like

Of course, not everyone is ready to start therapy right away. However, when you do decide you want help, you’ll probably want it in a hurry, and timely help can be hard to find because skilled therapists are in high demand and often have lengthy wait lists. At Artisan, we want to offer you the opportunity to wait now while things are good, so you can get help more quickly when things get hard.

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the artisan way

An artisan product isn’t simply made. It’s crafted – in small batches, with the greatest care, by someone with both the training and experience to rightly claim the title “master craftsman.” And that’s our philosophy of therapy as well. It should be small and personal. It ought to be approached with love and care. And every therapist should have not only the training required of the title “professional counselor” or “ clinical psychologist,” but also the heart experience to rightly be called mature and trustworthy.

We’re not here to simply give you answers. We are here because the path is long, and sometimes steep – but its rewards are rich. We’re traveling it ourselves, and if you’re willing we can walk with you awhile. Not every step is easy. But the path leads onward – and, we believe, upward. This is the artisan way.