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That Feeling Is Called Grief

Dear [Still In Process] Self, Last time, you wrote to me about comparison (Click here for previous post). This time, I write to you about grief. You know it well. It comes along with endings. Small endings like the conclusions of books, days, and conversations. And...

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Dear Self

Dear [True] Self, I owe you an apology. Last week, I got very angry with you when I got the news of our dear friend’s accomplishment. You were full of joy for them, but I was full of jealousy. I saw them accomplish the same goal I’d set for myself, only they did it...

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The Artisan Way

We’re not here to simply give you answers. We are here because the path is long, and sometimes steep – but its rewards are rich. We’ve traveled it ourselves, and if you’re willing we can walk with you a while. Not every step is easy. But the path leads onward – and, we believe, upward. This is the artisan way.